Our Elite Fitness Trainers

We would like to introduce you to our professional and experienced Personal Training team. Each PT at South Side Fitness has been carefully recruited by expert Trainer Leigh Impey for their skills in specific areas as well as for their credentials. Each PT at South Side Fitness has been carefully recruited by expert Trainer Leigh Impey for their skills in specific areas as well as for their credentials. Many of our trainers currently train professional sporting athletes and actors at the gym, including Wayne Carey and Robert Mills, just to name a few, so your in good company.

Team Workouts & Fitness Classes

Making new friends and training partners whilst learning new ways to get fit, lean and strong with one of our team workouts or fitness classes. All of our classes are run by trained professionals who are experts in their chosen area's of fitness. At South Side Fitness we encourage all of our members to join teams and to try out new things so why not take a Muay Thai class with our Muay thai champion trainer or learn some relaxation and stretching techniques from our expert yoga trainer.
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Strong Body Strong Mind
Fit is not a destination, it is a way


At South Side Fitness we are always encouraging each other to push ourselves to the limit! Check out our workout stats for this month! Come and join us. We need you to help us get these numbers up!

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  • Testimonial

    None other than South Side Fitness

    Anthony Khoury, CEO

    “I have been training at South Side Fitness for over a year now. This is like no other gym I have been to before. The staff are incredible and they want you to get great results. I highly recommend anyone who is serious about fitness to join up”

  • Testimonial

    SouthSide Fitness has changed my life for better

    Lenny Eoin, Pro Boxer

    “I have been with SouthSide since it opened! I had been looking for a “proper” gym. The “Globo Gyms” in Melbourne held no appeal for me. In SouthSide everyone knows your name! If your not at the gym for a week or 2 expect a call or text from one of the lads/ladies! The Equipment and facilities tick all the boxes and everyone in there have contributed to me being in the best shape of my life”

  • Testimonial

    The environment and facilities are great

    James Stewart, Greater Western Sydney FC

    I used the South Side Gym over my off-season break to prepare myself for resuming AFL pre-season. I was able to train both individually and in groups, ranging from weight training to boxing and wrestling. The environment and facilities were great to train in and push yourself with each session. With the training staff, Leigh and Lucas in particular, I look forward to returning to South Side soon.

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